Al Crowell, letter to the editor, Eastern Arizona Courier
December 31, 2002

Dear Mr. King,

I am taking the time to wish you a Happy New Year and also offer you a suggestion for it.

I am glad that you, in your reporting responsibilities advocate teaching children discipline, but am sad that you misrepresent the truth irresponsibly by saying hitting is the only way to achieve it.

Reminds me when many minds strongly supported slavery and wife beating.

Stopping corporal punishment of children is a human rights issue, nothing more or less. We didn't try to figure out whether wives were better off being hit or not being hit before legislation was passed. And I'm sure there are many men who still would like to hit their wives, (and do), but the collective wisdom has found it obsolete as I am sure in time the collective wisdom will do the same with hitting children. Don't get left behind advocating an obsolete practice.

Al Crowell

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