Madeleine Y. Gomez, Ph.D., letter to the editor, Eastern Arizona Courier
January 3, 2003

Dear Mr. King,

If we do not learn from our history, then surely, we are doomed to repeat it. Even the simplest of people and all of my patients have been easily able to understand and follow the logic that we learn what we have been exposed to through the modeling of our parents. If children are socialized with violence, euphemistically labelled corporal punishment, then we have taught them that violence is an acceptable response and solution to stresses and problems. As such, the cycle of violence continues. And, as parenting is so often learned from our own parents, the cycle of violence is handed down through the generations. Change is hard, even when it is positive change. But, change is not impossible. When each child is afforded the opportunity and right to grow up in safety and peace, then and only then will the hopes for the safety and repect for the rights of all truly exist.

As a New Year dawns, may each individual seek to make his/her home, a violence free zone. For regardless of the year, the microcosm will always reflect the macrocosm. And, though we may not be able to directly change the violence in the world, we can reduce the violence within our own four walls. As such, we can change the world and history.

In the spirit of all that is peaceful,

Madeleine Y. Gomez, PhD
President, PsycHealth, Ltd.
Assistant Clinical Professor, Northwestern University
Senior Faculty, Roosevelt University
Clinical Supervisor, Hartgrove Hospital
Board Member, PTAVE
Mother of four children

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