Letter from Kolor Guillaume to Eastern Arizona Courier
January 3, 2003

From: KOLOR GUILLAUME To: tjking@eacourier.com
Cc: ashley@eaznet.com
Sent: Friday, January 03, 2003 6:59 AM
Subject: Happy New Year!

Dear Mr King,

We're pleased to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved family a Happy New Year 2003. We hereby sincerely desire you stop believing that hitting is good for children; and advocating spanking as discipline.

The UN Convention for Child Rigths is clear condemning any kind of child abuse, spanking included. As editor you have great responsibility helping readers understand the lifelong dangers of hitting children accross with its social casualities and thus bring them change positively their behavior. More than fifty years of social research conclud :

We all have lot to benefit if beating our kids is holy stopped. It exists today many easy ways to discipline without spanking at all. Documentation will be provided if needed.

Best regards and many thanks for lovely unerstanding,

Rodger Glokpor,
Admnistrative Officer
International League for Children Rigths,
BP: 7719, Lome-Togo (W. Africa),
Phone: (00228) 222.40.54; Fax: (00228) 221.26.13,
E-mail: lide-lid@ifrance.com

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