John W. Travis, MD Letter to Eastern Arizona Courier
December 29, 2002

Tom Jackson King, Managing Editor
Eastern Arizona Courier
P.O. Box N
Safford, Arizona 85548

Dear Mr. King,

I think important for someone in your position to influence a community to know that there are organizations all over the world working to end the ancient Victorian notion that "spanking" (read violence) does the slightest bit of good for a person's character.

Absolutely zero scientific evidence supports this antiquated notion, while evidence abounds as to its destructive effects. Please take the time to inform yourself of the scientific data widely available (The Center for Effective Discipline in Columbus Ohio would be a good place to start:

This kind of violence has been banned in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Cyprus, Croatia, Latvia, and Italy. Canada came close the last time it was put on the ballot--it will probably succeed the next time. Australia, where I live much of the year is similarly close to banning it law too.


John W. Travis, MD, MPH (Johns Hopkins)
Executive Secretary,
The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children

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